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Lunar calendar and horoscope on 16 May 2022

Category: Horoscopes » Daily » Lunar » 2022

Date: 16 May 2022
Day of the week: Monday

Moon rise: in 21 hrs. 25 min.
Moon sunset: in 04 hrs. 19 min.
Moon illumination percentage: 100%

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Lunar zodiac
From 00 hrs. 00 min. to 14 hrs. 51 min.
ScorpioScorpio. Regardless of what your Moon sign is, for a couple of days each month we will all feel the influence of the Scorpio Moon. This means you’ll react a little more sharply and with that stinger Scorpio is known for. You may feel things a little more passionately, or you may be willing to go to extremes that you might not otherwise go to. The Moon in Scorpio isn’t known for being low-key!
This is also a time of when you’ll look within to truly understand the depths of your feelings. This period of introspection could lead to greater self-awareness as well as an awareness of those around you. The ability to get in touch with the intricacy of your own emotions gives you the insight needed to understand others’ motivations. Don’t be surprised if you have a few light bulb moments during this time.... More
From 14 hrs. 51 min. to 24 hrs. 00 min.
SagittariusSagittarius. No matter what your Moon sign is, we are all honorary Sagittarians when the Moon moves through that sign. The energy of Sagittarius is very expansive, free, and visionary. If you’re normally very pragmatic or cynical, you might find that you’re a little more optimistic than usual. Your mind will start considering all the possibilities of a situation rather than just focusing on the potential roadblocks. Your thoughts could end up in uncharted territory!
A Sagittarius Moon will renew your sense of adventure, and you could have the desire to pick something (no matter how big or small) and just go for it. Sagittarius loves the idea of traveling and expanding their horizon. This can be something physical like traveling to a faraway place, or taking their mind on a trip with an education pursuit. Don’t be surprised if you have the urge to register for that class you’ve been thinking about taking, or if you decide to book a last-minute vacation during this transit.... More
Lunar day
From 00 hrs. 00 min. to 21 hrs. 25 min.
16 lunar day16 lunar day. The symbol is a butterfly, a dove, a ladder leading to the sky, Psyche (personification of the human soul in Ancient Greece, usually depicted as a butterfly or a young girl with butterfly wings).
This is one of the few pure days. During this day, there is harmony, justice, balance. On these days it is necessary to know the measure in everything, to maintain inner comfort. It is impossible to show envy, anger, unceremonious behavior and cries are forbidden. Sexual relations on this day are also contraindicated. It is not desirable to eat mushrooms and animal food. No need to kill birds. If you find mud on your clothes, it means that you are spiritually impure.
In general, this day enhances the aura of each person. Such a lunar day can be considered favorable, especially for creative and spiritual people. They can realize many of their plans in life and at the highest level show skills and talents. And weak-willed and uninitiated people, cosmic influences can push for renewal.
T... More
From 21 hrs. 25 min. to 24 hrs. 00 min.
17 lunar day17 lunar day. Symbol - grapes, bell, grape cluster, "alarm". This day is called Shakti. Shakti is the female goddess. Women's Energies Day.
These lunar days are a day of accumulation, fertility, joy, inner freedom and an outlet to your ideal love. These days are very suitable for marriage, marital relations, emancipation and fun. This day, women's energy is transformed. It is recommended to use warmed Cahors or cold dry wine. At the same time it is strictly forbidden to drink and debauch.
The first half of the day allows you to use energy with maximum impact. Improve marital relations, sexual energy will increase. Activates any creative process, own business. Many people have increased intuition, a feeling of enlightenment. The 2nd half of the day will be unfavorable. There will be difficulties in implementing plans and ideas. You need to be careful and accurate in sexual contacts. Between lovers there can be conflicts because of a feeling of dissatisfaction.
Since ancient times it was cons... More
Lunar phase
From 00 hrs. 00 min. to 07 hrs. 14 min.
The moon is in the Waxing crescent phase. The second lunar phase is the gap between the first lunar quarter and the full moon. During this period, the active growth of the moon continues. The second phase is characterized by an even more significant increase in energy and internal forces, a very pronounced activity.
In the business sector, a favorable time begins for the implementation of planned tasks, solving difficult questions and problems. Cases requiring a lot of activity will be easy to give.
During the second lunar phase, physical activity can be useful, it is during this period that it is good to start new workouts. Favorable changes in absolutely all areas of activity, both in relationships on a personal plan, and in business.
A good time for moving, traveling, changing the type of activity. Vital energy gathers more and closer to the full moon, its peak is noted. This period is distinguished by emotional outbreaks, increasingly conflicts, the occurrence of traumatic situations.
In 07 hrs. 14 min.
The moon is in phase Full Moon. The full moon has the most significant effect on all life on earth. The bleeding of wounds increases, chronic diseases remind of themselves, mental disorders worsen.
During the full moon, the maximum birth rate of children is observed. Excessive impulsiveness in communication appears, the craving for negative thinking and drinking increases.
On the other hand, this is the most ideal time to collect medicinal herbs, since their healing properties are maximum at that moment.
From 07 hrs. 14 min. to 24 hrs. 00 min.
The moon is in the Waning Crescent phase. The third lunar phase covers the period from the full moon to the beginning of the fourth quarter. At the full moon, there is a peak in the accumulation of vital and mental energy, which subsequently gradually decreases.
During this period, activity begins to decrease, and a frequent change of states, ideas and judgments comes. When the experience and forces accumulated over the past phases continue energetically to start implementing plans.
In this period of the lunar month, the first results of the previously invested efforts are already distinguishable. Occurring mood changes can relate not only to the business field, but also to personal life.
A great period to break free from old habits, you can also try something new. In a relationship, this is a time of rapprochement and romance at the highest level. The third phase is great for self-development, self-improvement and creation.
Day of the week
Day of the week: MondayMonday. Monday is called a difficult day, and for good reason, because it is controlled by an emotional, impressionable moon. The moon is associated with the mental state of a person, so on Monday it is more difficult to remain calm to annoying factors, it is difficult to calmly listen to criticism. On this day, we all become more sensitive, emotionally vulnerable, it is easier for us to become discouraged, to succumb to the influence of others and the influx of bad mood. And if on Monday we have whiners, gloomy pessimists, then we can become the same, our mood will be strongly influenced by those around us, and especially people with a lunar character: emotional, vulnerable, tearful, pessimistic. The crowd, whoever it is composed of, is subject to the influence of the emotional Moon, therefore, if on Monday a person is among the crowd, his soul becomes even more vulnerable, which can lead to a deterioration of mood.
The emotional Moon inclines to a spiritual conversation, and if ... More

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