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Lunar calendar and horoscope on 26 June 2022

Category: Horoscopes » Daily » Lunar » 2022

Date: 26 June 2022
Day of the week: Sunday

Moon rise: in 01 hrs. 47 min.
Moon sunset: in 19 hrs. 12 min.
Moon illumination percentage: 7%

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Lunar zodiac
From 00 hrs. 00 min. to 02 hrs. 14 min.
TaurusTaurus. It doesn't matter where your Moon sign is because for a couple of days a month we all feel the influence of a Taurus Moon. When the Moon is in Taurus, there’s a dedication to getting what we want, as Taurus is oriented toward filling our needs directly. If there have been things you’ve longed for, there’s no better time to make them happen than a Taurus Moon.
Taurus is uncomplicated, and just want its senses satiated. A Taurus Moon gives us the desire for a full belly, a feeling of security, to know that there’s money in the bank. Maybe some of these things are things that we always want, but while the Moon is in Taurus, we’re more drawn toward getting them. These are the things that will make us feel good in the moment.
You might be feeling a desire for more comfort and security now. Indulge in the sheer pleasure of being here, adored by gravity, Earth’s invisible embrace. Enjoy your weight. Roll in a newly mowed lawn. Celebrate your voice: shout, s... More
From 02 hrs. 14 min. to 24 hrs. 00 min.
GeminiGemini. The Moon is always moving which means that even if you were born with the Moon in another sign, we are all honorary Geminis once a month. When the Moon is moving through Gemini, regardless of how we normally feel, we may be a little bit more scattered during this time. Astrologers would categorize the Gemini Moon personality as easily distracted - it’s hard to focus when there’s always something else that could use our attention.
Every separate event seems like the most significant one, yet each one takes its turn in the spotlight and then quickly fades away. Take advantage of the Gemini Moon’s mutable atmosphere by changing your mind about something, or seeing another side of an issue you’ve been stuck on.... More
Lunar day
From 00 hrs. 00 min. to 01 hrs. 47 min.
26 lunar day26 lunar day. The symbol is a frog, a toad, a swamp. The toad, like the serpent, is the personification of wisdom, but of wisdom, which does not bring any benefit to man, for he is lurking in false deception by his own achievements.
This, it can be said, is a critical day. It is associated with fasting, abstinence, knowledge of life and mashing of masks. It is desirable that on this day, there was an exit on the traditions of the Teacher. But from active work you need to refrain, otherwise you can, especially in empty chatter, overspend a lot of your energy. You can face larceny, rude materialism, hypocrisy on this lunar day. If you meet a person with a full bucket or bag this day, this is a sign that life is going right. And, for example, lightning in a dream or in reality says that you have pride and vanity. And nothing in this period should not be undertaken or begun. All undertakings will bring you one loss.
Absolutely not suitable for the first date, and meeting with a person with whom yo... More
From 01 hrs. 47 min. to 24 hrs. 00 min.
27 lunar day27 lunar day. Symbol - Neptune, trident, wand, magic wand. The day of Neptune is connected with water and sea voyages. The symbols of this day are also an island, an oasis (a symbol of gaining an ideal), a ship, a lighthouse with three lights (a symbol of hope), an anchor (a symbol of loyalty, reliability, gaining strength and stability). The trident is the symbol of Neptune, the element of Water is most active. Neptune is connected with a trident. The number 27 in total gives 9 - Neptune.
These lunar days contribute to the acquisition of secret knowledge. This day is connected with meditation, healing, insight, prayers and verbal magic. It is allowed to travel and learn the world on this day. It is forbidden to drink alcohol, look in the mirror and indulge in illusions. This is a very good day for everything. Excellent for planting, sowing and for communicating with older people. A person who was born on such a day can become happy and lucky or weak and charcoal. Diseases are short and not dange... More
Lunar phase
26 lunar dayThe moon is in the Waning Crescent phase. The fourth lunar phase is the last phase of the lunar month. The period of the fourth quarter, which ends with a new moon. For this period, leisureliness, softness, a certain lethargy are characteristic. This time is rather passive.
Forces and energy are rapidly declining at this time. As a result of this, it is recommended to complete affairs in the fourth lunar phase, as well as to manage current ones. Fresh thoughts and ideas should be pushed to the beginning of the next lunar month. The best time to take stock.
In the fourth lunar phase, the total activity decreases. During this period, it is advisable to reduce physical and mental stress. It is recommended to avoid conflicts, both in business affairs and in personal relationships. Typically increasing the likelihood of quarrels and breakups.
People in this period are extremely sensitive, impressionable, to a large extent prone to resentment. This condition is reflected in the business sector. Therefore, in the business sphere, it is desirable to suspend significant meetings until the next phase of the lunar month.
Day of the week
Day of the week: SundaySunday. Sunday is ruled by a planet of high love, joy, happiness and creativity - the Sun. The sun inclines us to seek not earthly, not material, but spiritual joys, so on such a day we will not be able to feel real satisfaction from ordinary worldly pleasures, from delicious food or from buying things that are needed in the household. On Sunday, we need to do something to satisfy our spirit, to do what we have long dreamed of, which will help us to feel happy. Sunday is the best day for creative work, and we will certainly feel happy if on this day we take up the implementation of a creative project.
The sun is a planet of creativity, so no matter what you do on Sunday, try to be creative, unconventional. It is on Sunday that a new, original way of solving old problems can be born, a new approach to raising children will appear. When communicating with people, show that you are not a conservative, that you are able to accept innovative ideas.
The sun is associated with... More

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