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Scorpio: zodiac lunar horoscope

The name of the constellation Scorpio comes from the ancient Greek myth of the hunter Orion and the virgin goddess Artemis. This myth tells the story of how Orion angered Artemis, the moon goddess and patroness of the hunt. Artemis woke the scorpion and made him mortally sting Orion. Initially, the constellation Scorpio also included those stars that Roman astronomers later identified as a separate constellation of Libra.

These stars were perceived by the Greeks as a claw of a scorpion. The symbol of Scorpio is an image of his legs and sting. This sign also symbolizes the male genitalia. Other occultists believe that the sign of Scorpio is a schematic representation of the severed tail of a lizard. The sign acts on a person through the genitals and kidneys. Scorpio is considered the most magically strong sign.

Scorpio is a sign of water under the auspices of Mars and Pluto. Both of these planets determine his character. Scorpio fights, suffers, devours itself, is reborn from the ashes. The moon in Scorpio is called Poisonous. In this period, she is in the house of Mars and Pluto, on the throne of Uranus in the Water element. The combination is quite stormy, therefore, it will be useful to know the rules of behavior during this period, its favorable and adverse effects.

When the Moon is in Scorpio

Regardless of what your Moon sign is, for a couple of days each month we will all feel the influence of the Scorpio Moon. This means youll react a little more sharply and with that stinger Scorpio is known for. You may feel things a little more passionately, or you may be willing to go to extremes that you might not otherwise go to. The Moon in Scorpio isnt known for being low-key!

This is also a time of when youll look within to truly understand the depths of your feelings. This period of introspection could lead to greater self-awareness as well as an awareness of those around you. The ability to get in touch with the intricacy of your own emotions gives you the insight needed to understand others motivations. Dont be surprised if you have a few light bulb moments during this time.

Emotional stress increases in this days. Hysteria and over-excitement are growing. We are easy to be captured by both: the small and the big passions. In those days we are usually unhappy with ourselves, and with the others. Everything we see in the very black colors. Many of us are wishing for some dramatic changes their lives. We should not follow this tendency and this desire, because it is created actually only because of the heightened depending on the momentary mood swings.

In the days of Scorpio, we can become irritable, nervous, gloomy and morose. Along with those increases also the sensitivity, and we can, for example, acutely feel the imminent danger, although we never notice it previously. Yes, at these days we see life from the worst of it's sides. But sometimes it is even useful: seeing the bad things in life, we can fix them right on time.

During these days it is better not to take any decisions and drastic actions. It is better to dedicate the days of Scorpio to the calm and quiet introspection and correction of our own shortcomings. When we will make ourselves at least a little bit better, the world will not seem so bleak.

Born with the Moon in Scorpio

With the moon in Scorpio, individuals are emotionally intense with an aura of mystery constantly surrounding them. They own the characteristic of deciphering the emotional state of anyone and possess the capability to look through anyones emotions and feelings. Due to this quality, others consider them as enigmatic people who manage to achieve such a feat accurately constantly. They have a continued requirement for change and excitement. They normally wish for excitement and continued drama in their lives and thrive on emotional drama. Scorpio-born go out in securing their relationships, and they certainly dont believe in half measures. They never waste their time in meaningless relationships as they long for total commitment from their partners. With the moon in Scorpio, individuals have a dynamic and attractive personality and their entire character is filled with mystery which often draws others to them. They possess a gift of intuition, and strive extremely hard to control their intense emotions. However, for their own gains, they tend to use this gift of intuition. In the occult and the unusual, these individuals tend to have a strong interest. By their very nature, they are amazingly creative beings. Overall, these individuals are charismatic in nature and attract one and all with their mysterious aura. Attitude wise, the Scorpio-born is non conformist individual, and aren't bothered to adhere to the norms set by the society.

With the moon in Scorpio, individuals possess the knack of reading accurately the emotional state and feelings of others. They strive to reinvent themselves quite often. They tend to be extremely loyal and protective, once they have committed themselves to their partner. Scorpio-born owns a pleasing and dynamic personality that is covered by an aura of mystery. Due to this, they are well liked by the members of the opposite sex, and they constantly seem to ooze sensuality and charm in their persona. Additionally, they own a great power of intuitive ability. With the moon in Scorpio, these individuals are extremely passionate and brave. In a weird way and within a short time frame, these individuals can assess a person or a situation. As they often have a mastery over reading the intricacies of human mind, analysis done by them is always accurate. These individuals nurture a high degree of ambition in them and usually they are smart enough. In the pursuit of acquiring their aspirations, they work inexhaustibly. In other words, through their persistent determination and stubbornness, they will obtain their set goals. They will not accept defeat easily as they have an awesome fighting spirit.

With the moon in Scorpio, individuals are normally very secretive in nature. In relationship matters, these individuals possess a deep fear of treachery, which may lead them to test their partners often, even when they dont mean it. As they never trust others, they don't reveal their most innermost feelings. They often come across as intimidating to others because of their intense emotional nature and a secretive personality. On top of it, these individuals can be quite possessive, self-indulgent and jealous. Often, in their relationships with others, qualities like jealousy and possessiveness can act as a spoiler. Both to themselves and others, they could be destructive. Their persistent determination often borders on stubbornness, and this stubborn nature of theirs can act as a hindrance to obtain success. Criticism is not taken in a positive way by these individuals, and they strike back with a deadly sting if they get hurt because of it.

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