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Thursday: horoscope by days of the week

Thursday is the day of the week between Wednesday and Friday. According to ISO 8601, Thursday is considered the fourth day of the week, as well as the day that determines the numbering of weeks: the first week of the year is defined as the week containing the first Thursday of the year, and so on. As the fourth day, Thursday is used in both Chinese and Estonian.

The Great (Holy, Pure) Thursday before Easter is an important date in Christianity, the day of remembrance of the Last Supper and the establishment of the sacrament of the Eucharist by Jesus Christ. On this day, it was customary for Christians to wash both the soul (from sins) and the body (literally). In Catholicism, the day is officially called Green (Dies viridium). This name is explained by the ancient custom of eating fresh greens on this day or by the fact that absolution takes place on this day and those who repent, as it were, are reborn again and become "green".

Thursday is one of the most favorable days, promising prosperity and good luck in business. Mythological correspondence for Thursday is Jupiter, the good and merciful god of heaven and the lord of a thunderstorm.

Metal: tin;
Chakra: svadhistana - sexual (lower abdomen);
Stone: sapphire;
Colors: magenta, blue;
Plant: oak;
Incense: incense;
Symbol: lightning;
Elements: air, fire.

How to behave on this day

Jupiter gives a desire to expand the scope of activity and sphere of influence, it is associated with the growth of various problems, with an increase in success. Lucky people on Thursday have the opportunity to increase their happiness, but those who are constantly harassed by problems can see how small difficulties begin to grow to incredible proportions. To prevent this from happening, Thursday is important ability to quickly solve problems. On this day, you should not give problems time for development. Even small disputes at home or at work should be tried to smooth out right away, otherwise a great hostility to each other, a serious conflict will grow out of them. Not to start problems, to suppress their growth on the vine on the day of Jupiter is important in all areas of life. On this day, you need to try not to argue with anyone at all, much less to quarrel, not to give cause for dissatisfaction with yourself. If the boss on Thursday convicts you of professional illiteracy, of negligence, then in the future this may become the reason for your dismissal. But if the same thing happens on Wednesday, it will not cause such sad consequences.

Jupiter is the planet of social activity, so this day can be considered the most successful for any business, for negotiations with business partners, for finding ways to realize yourself outside the house, to realize for the benefit of society, for a large group of people. But no matter what you do on Thursday, show others your efficiency, that you are not only concerned about yourself, your personal problems, but think about everyone, see yourself as part of society. In the family circle this day is also worth talking more about work. On Thursday, your interest in his professional affairs will be especially valuable for the spouse. And with friends, and with relatives, and especially with colleagues on Thursday, it is better to talk more about work.

The planet of social life Jupiter encourages everyone to step back on their day from everyday affairs, from family worries, from troubles in their personal lives and think about the problems of society. It was on Thursday that an appeal to the bosses with an appeal to satisfy the needs of workers, to meet their demands will reach the goal. Even the most ossified egoist on Jupiter's day is able to respond to a request for help, forgetting about his mercantile interests. On Thursday, we are all tuned in to what is happening around us, ready to listen to the requests of others, so very profitable deals can be made on this day. Business partners, relatives will be ready to give in to you.

Jupiter is a planet of generosity, nobility, generosity, patronage, so on Thursday people expect wide gestures from each other. Do not be greedy on Thursday, petty things, show selfishness, if you do not want to scare people away from you.

The expansion planet Jupiter gives us the feeling that we are missing something, that we have a cramped house, not enough things. Jupiter evokes a desire to have many things, friends, activities, to live in a large territory. On Thursday, a feeling of jealousy is very likely, which refers to the seven deadly sins. It is on Thursday that the easiest envy in our hearts arises when we see that others have better clothes than ours, more money, a more beautiful wife. Do not let jealousy on Thursday, because, having arisen on this day, she can stay with you for long days, months or years.

Engaged in Jupiter affairs on Thursday, we attract the energy of Jupiter into our lives, which means we improve the situation in the areas of life with which Jupiter is associated. Attracting Jupiterian energy will help us expand our sphere of influence and sphere of activity, make life more diverse, and help us become a fully developed personality. To attract Jupiterian energy on Thursday, you can start studying philosophy and religious scriptures, take up a deep study of any science, a foreign language, go to advanced training courses, dress in wide clothes, go on a trip, read geography textbooks or watch movies about distant countries.

Born on this day

Born on Thursday, you are a generous person with a jovial disposition towards life and people. At the same time, you tend to have self-deception. You always have a lofty philosophy about life and go by that in all your dealings.

People Born On Thursday in Personality. Born on the day ruled by Jupiter, the Thursday born persons are bound to see expansion and wealth in their life. Everything about them is large and vast. Though they can get a depressive mood at times, they look at life in an optimistic way. Hence they can face the ups and downs of life in a resolute way. They are good at advising. They are always surrounded by people who eagerly look for their views and judgments. The Thursday born people are born teachers. You tend to move with life with a free spirit that gathers more wisdom as the days go by. Your lucky number is three. On Thursdays, visit the temple of Guru and do charities to reap a blissful life.

People Born on Thursday in Career. Thursday born individuals are born leaders. They are born to rule. They are charismatic personalities and can impress others so easily and command a mass following. Careers in politics will suit them well. Responsibilities involving high-level executive roles will also be highly suitable for you. Whether you choose a job or business, you will sine well due to your burning ambition. Yu easily get bored and wish to find jobs that involve variety, travels and something new all the time. When given a variety of responsibilities, you tend to outshine others. You cannot stick with routine chores and monotonous tasks.

People Born On Thursday in Love. When it comes to handling your love life, you tend to speak what you feel in your mind frankly without considering what the other person feels. This will make it difficult to journey with your love life smoothly. You are a highly passionate individual. When it comes to love you will deeply get entangled with the lover you come across. You will be prepared to anything to impress your loved one. Since you are prone to get bored very easily, you always need a partner who loves adventure. Learn to understand the feelings of your beloved one to be able to maintain harmony and peace in love life.

People Born On Thursday in Marriage. Your married life can be satisfying and successful when you control your sharp-tongued expression. Though disputes and arguments are a part and parcel of married life, ensure that you use the words carefully not to hut the feelings and sentiments of your life partner. You are very generous and will always like to give your best. However, your exploratory nature will make you choose outdoor life more forgetting your family responsibilities. Do not be fanatic and extravagant in your dealings. Work for financial stability and focus on the long-term goals of your married life to be successful.

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